The Nest Cup #2

TrackMania 2 Invite Tournament in Czech Republic



Jakub “kubayz” Faul

kuab“I have been attending TrackMania tournaments for more than 8 years now so I can clearly say what the players miss. After more than 10 years existence of the game, I am not afraid to say that our concept is completely new, innovative and fresh.”


Erik “hakkiJunior” Leštach

ha“Trackmania has been my passion for more than 8 years now. After those 8 years I have huge experience in playing all kinds of tournaments over the world. I’d like to use this experience to create brand new project and I think now is the show time.”



The Nest

The Nest is considered as one of the most modern and equipped gaming houses in Central Europe. It is situated in a small village named Sloup v Čechách, which is approximately 100 kilometres north of Prague. The area is focused not only on gaming. You can find there everything you need to enjoy your stay, such as swimming pool, sauna, steam and a huge garden. A professional cook will prepare delicious food and drinks for everyone. Nearby The Nest, you can explore wonderful nature or a local castle. Family atmosphere, great competition, lots of fun and enjoyment. This will be the INTEL TheNesTM Cup 2015!

The project was created in cooperation with eSuba gaming organization.

eSuba.Red Bull Racing

Professional TrackMania team, considered as one of the most successful in the game by winning various online and offline international tournaments, such as ESWC, GA, MCR, Red Bull Gaming Tour and many others. The team itself exists since 2008.